Dance Festival COLOURS

To the stage and out of the office!

Anette Kummer works for Mercedes-Benz Bank. But now she has been on stage with the famous dancer and choreographer Eric Gauthier in the middle of Stuttgart's marketplace. The performance was part of "COLOURS in the City" - the kick-off event for the dance festival known far beyond the state capital. In our blog post she looks back on an exciting week.

"Come on bankers, let's rock it!" - with these words Eric Gauthier welcomed us on stage. My heart raced with excitement. Then when "Empire State of Mind", Jay-Z's rap homage to New York, was blasting out of the loudspeakers, I faded out everything and started off with my bank colleagues. What a madness - dancing with Eric and his dance company on the Stuttgart marketplace, and together with an audience 3.000 people!

For half an hour we had fun with the crowd, and the enthusiasm could be felt by everyone - from the grandma to the three year old girl whose pacifier fell out of her mouth while dancing. Our performance marked the finale of the COLOURS kick-off event "COLOURS in the City” and was the highlight of an exciting week.


When I'm not on stage I am responsible for checklists and evaluations of our customers who finance or lease Mercedes vehicles. I have a degree in business administration and have been working for the Mercedes-Benz Bank for 25 years. Like my colleagues, I took part in an internal raffle - the winners were invited to participate in a dance workshop and be part of an appearance in the marketplace. I was lucky! The Mercedes-Benz Bank is the main sponsor of the Theaterhaus Stuttgart and thus also of the COLOURS dance festival.

We rehearsed for two days. The dance actually looked quite simple, but you still had to pay attention to the little details. Eric gave us an advice on how to use the fan on the stage how and to look as relaxed as possible. Eric is the artistic director of Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart, brand ambassador of the Mercedes-Benz Bank and initiator of the COLOURS-International Dance Festival. With his charming manner he could really teach everyone how to dance. And it's no coincidence that he says: "I have such a virus that I always have to make other people dance!”

By the way, I have already took part in the last COLOURS dance workshop. At that time I went with pompoms to a flashmob on the Schlossplatz. I love to dance. I still remember the day when my father taught me the waltz as a child. Later I was regularly at dance evenings. For the wedding waltz I took dance lessons. Today I only dance when I’m going to the sports gym. Dancing is for me the most beautiful sport, because you hardly feel the effort through the joy of music. I transferred my dance enthusiasm to my daughter – she has been dancing ballet since she is four.

Here are more impressions from the marketplace and the rehearsals:

I'm very happy that I was able to attend the event. I met colleagues from Daimler Financial Services and the Mercedes-Benz Bank with whom I had nothing to do in my job. And I appreciate my flexible working hours even more now! I also think it's great that my employer sponsors the COLOURS dance festival. That stands for diversity, and diversity and tolerance are also part of our corporate values. An open-minded attitude makes us think out of the box and changes our perspective. This is a great benefit for all of us!

On top, the dancers from Eric's company inspired me to do more to get in shape by sports and eating appropriate nutrition. That's why I'll give up on Kässpätzle more often in the future!