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Hitting the slopes in our dream car

Snowy mountains, glittering peaks and lots of sunshine: the skiing season is always something to look forward to, but all too often the dream of a perfect holiday has the potential of becoming a nightmare due to icy roads and too much luggage. Björn and his friends have found the solution to these problems through our online booking platform, Mercedes-Benz Rent, and were able take their well-deserved ski trip in comfortable style and safety.

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Keeping a steady tempo, we are racing down the slopes, effortlessly passing beginners who struggle down the mountain in large caravans and whirl past the ski huts which are booming with the party tunes “Johnny Däpp”. The only person I can’t seem to shake is the young whipper-snapper who is only about knee-high! But whatever! Skiing is always a lot of fun!

This isn't the first time we've been to Zillertal, but every time we go it's a special experience. My girlfriend Mareike and myself, my name is Björn, along with our friends Juliane and Patrick, try to make this trip one of our yearly holiday traditions.


This time the organisation was a bit more difficult because we decided to spend a whole week in Zillertal. Now bring equipment, clothes and food for one week in our relatively small car. That's a very tight box - and by that I don't just mean the car!

But my buddy Patrick had the saving idea. Why not rent a car through Mercedes-Benz Rent? Said, done. We were able to organize everything from home. We reserved a GLC with all-wheel drive and very important: roof box for the skis. The best part is that we got exactly the model we wanted to have and not just one vehicle category. The next day we picked up the car at the dealership.

Hitting the road towards Zillertal

Waking up in the morning at 6 a.m. was pretty intense, but we wanted to get a jump on the day. We even loaded the car the evening before so nothing would slow us down. Testing our horsepower on the highway, we went from Stuttgart via Munich and stopped at the Austrian border in Mayrhofen, nestled in the beautiful Zillertal. In between we had a delicious breakfast at the motorway service area.

In the car things got a bit rambunctious as we got in the skiing spirit with après-ski hits. In the back seat the playing cards were unpacked and Patrick’s complete lack of luck in "Uno" provided general amusement. Suddenly it began to snow. Within an hour, several centimeters of snow lay on the road, the four-wheel drive was definitely worth it.

As the drive went on, the first mountains appeared, and the anticipation grew. As soon as we had crossed the border, the sky ripped open and the sun peeked out and accompanied us the whole week.


We had had a great trip full of lots of skiing, funny evenings in our ski hut and delicious food – what else can you expect in Austria!

Skiing plays a very important role in my life. It’s one of the few hobbies that allows you to immerse yourself in nature, breathing in that clean mountain air. On the slopes you can let all your worries fade and work is nothing but a distant memory. The GLC maneuvered us safely and comfortably through the snow to our next adventure. We will definitely use Mercedes-Benz Rent again and will strongly recommend it to others!

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